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This animated look at the entire Liberty Bell Motorsports Park facility along with a ride on our Liberty Circuit, gives you an exciting look at the Future of racing in our region.


Liberty Center
Liberty Center

The 30,000 square-foot Liberty Center is a model of innovation, designed to encompass the exhilaration and thrill associated with motorsports. With a world-class restaurant and lounge, spectacular views of all the track action, and amenities designed to serve all participants and guests, the Liberty Center will become known as the most exciting structure in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Liberty Center will include:

  • A full-service restaurant with cantilevered dining deck
  • An airy lounge with massive skylight
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Sections of glass floors throughout
  • Snack bar
  • Pro shop
  • Emergency medical services
  • Restrooms
  • Office suites

Liberty Center
Race Control

Serving as the center of all race track activities and the hub of our entire operation, the Race Control buildings at Liberty Bell were designed to facilitate all the operational needs of our users. Complete with incredible site lines, ample space, and racing-specific amenities, the Race Control buildings will provide our users and guests with all the services they need for peak performance on the track. Offices will be included for administrative duties. Additionally, our Freedom Circuit paddock will contain thirty garage bays for competitor use, with unbelievable viewing access from the rooftops!

The Race Control buildings will include:

  • Panoramic viewing of the circuits
  • Second floor race control positioning
  • Administrative offices
  • Large classrooms for competitor meetings
  • Restrooms and showers
  • PA system
  • Access to electric
  • Access to water
  • Timing and scoring and TV broadcast capabilities
  • Garage rooftop viewing

Liberty Center
Karting Center

Designed for maximum efficiency, the Karting Facility at Liberty Bell Motorsports Park will serve as the center of kart racing for the entire region. With registration, scoring, maintenance, sales, and meeting/party rooms all under one roof, Liberty Bell’s Karting Facility will serve as the model for all future structures.

The Karting Facility and track will include:

  • World class karts for rental and purchase
  • Pro shop with all the latest inventory
  • Second floor meeting rooms for group karting events, perfect for corporate retreats or friendly outings
  • Panoramic viewing areas, both interior and exterior, from second floor meeting rooms
  • Two half-mile tracks that connect to form one .88 mile circuit
  • 26’ track width throughout the courses
  • 22’ of elevation changes

Liberty Center
Campground Office

Unlike the majority of motorsports facilities around the world, Liberty Bell will operate its own family and competitor-friendly campground, located along the banks of the Schuylkill River. Our 220 campsites will provide power, water, sewer, cable, and Internet for RVs of all sizes, while our office building will serve as the hub of activity for the campground. With our pools located directly next to the office, this building will be perfect to service all of our guests.

The Campground Office will include:

  • Registration and check-in services for all campground guests
  • Retail camping store
  • Snack bar
  • Arcade
  • Guest laundry
  • Restrooms
  • Two pools
  • Pavilion for guest use

Administrative Center
Liberty Center

Upon entering Liberty Bell Motorsports Park, your first stop will be the dramatic and captivating Administrative Building, home to Mr. Mascaro’s world-renowned automobile collection. Here you can get up close and personal with some of the most exotic and seductive machines ever created. Designed to complement the beauty of these machines, the Administrative Building is designed with a high open trussed roof for dramatic lighting, giving the entire building a modern museum feel.

The Administrative Building will serve as:

  • Home for all registration and check-in services
  • Quarters for our friendly and helpful staff who will be able to address the needs of all our guests.

Ride and Drive Program

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